Parkway Drive 'The Void'

The longest, most dynamic and intricately timed motion-control robot move in the history of cinema.

4 weeks of pre-production, 1 week of set building, 2 days of robot programming, 2 days of shooting, 5 weeks of post-production and close to 500 composited VFX layers. Shot entirely on motion control robot and all timed to music to produce a single, clean, uninterrupted, 4k “shot”.

The video has gone onto win the coveted ACS ‘Golden Tripod’ national award for cinematography.


Allan and his team were responsible for managing…

  • Engineering a first-of-it’s-kind computerised trigger to sync the robot program to the soundtrack. Enabling millisecond perfect timing system for the camera movement.
  • Execute all required 3D and VFX in-house.
  • Design & manage the custom set build to work perfectly within the robot limitations, minimums & maximums.
  • Intricate lighting set-up and custom neon sign build to support the required visual effects layering & footage stitching.
  • Intense and precise stunt/safety co-ordination, integrating pyrotechnics within the tight set & doing a full burn on the lead singer during his performance.

Director / Director of Photography / Creative:

Allan Hardy


Ariel Verri

Directing Assistant:

Cameron March

Robot Technician:

Brendan Isaac


Ben Russell and Dave Russell

Stunt Coordinator:

Jimmy Christiansen

Safety Supervisor:

Paul Halfy Phillips

SFX Coordinator:

Clint Ingram


Allan Mowbray

Stunt Performers:

Garreth Hadfield and Jason O’Halloran


Aaron Ray

Art Director:

Cliff Weideman

Set and Costume Design:

Tracey Rose and Sparke Films

Make Up:

Lizzie Leaney


Amelia Fuller

Stills Photography / BTS Videography:

Matty McFerran

Computer Engineer:

Rhys McKercher and Wade Geles

Production Assistant:

Brittany Blacka

Lead VFX Artist / Editor / Colourist:

Joe Lancaster

Post Production / VFX Coordinator:

Allan Hardy

3D VFX and Matchmoving:

Marc Purnell

Additional VFX:

Tim Bahrij

Sound Design:

Justin Harrison