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Parkway Drive’ Viva The Underdogs'


rom concept to cinema, ‘Viva The Underdogs’ was a completely in-house creation by the Hype Republic team, supported by Parkway Drive & label Epitaph Records. A 12-month turn-around from pitch to release, the film enjoyed a global cinema premiere on 200+ screens across 7 countries, earning rave reviews and an 8.7/10 IMDB rating.

— Wall Of Sound



  • Collaborating with Lindeman & Assoicates (USA) on the one-page artwork and logo design. LA are well known for their work on the latest Marvel & Star Wars franchises, as well as many more of the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Photography was captured in-house by producer/photographer Cam Pianta.
  • The film was captured throughout 6 weeks of touring, with Director/DOP Allan Hardy and producer Cam Pianta travelling with the band on their tour bus. The small team approach allowed for the most intimate & exclusive access.
  • A unique distribution agreement was brokered directly between Allan & Event Cinemas (Aus & NZ), for maximum control and profit share. International cinema deals were brokered via Epitaph Records & Bilder-24.
  • The intricate 3D animation, title sequences, colourgrade, mastering & DCP delivery to cinemas around the world was all completed in-house, led by specialist Joe Lancaster.
  • Sound design & 5.1 mix/mastering was completed by Folklore at the incredible StageOne studio, the same facility utilised by films such as Mad Max: Fury Road & many more.
  • The film title, logo & artwork were also utilised across Parkway Drive’s global tours & live album release, forming the base of the bands creative direction and ‘Viva The Underdogs’ release cycle.
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