Parkway Drive 'Glitch'


ne of the craziest set builds we’ve ever undertaken, with a 20m x 20m infinity pool, submerged pyrotechnics and aerial stunts, as well as turning Gold Coast Studio into an asylum. This was combined with three new visual worlds created by 13 VFX artists completing over 50 shots. The epic concept was imagined by Parkway Drive front-man Winston, evolved by Director Allan Hardy and Creative Director Josh Weier and executed by a legendary crew.

Production Company:

Hype Republic 

Executive Creative Director/DOP/Edit:

Allan Hardy ACS


Dayna Yates & Cam Pianta

Creative Director:

Josh Weier


Winston McCall

Camera Operators:

Tyson Lloyd, Geordie Lillis


Ben Russell


Emily Koning, Dyan Copeman 

Wardrobe Stylist:

Sophie Borra 

Safety Supervisor:

Jimmy Christiansen


Dan Weaver, Timothy Frost

Set Build:

Cam Pianta, Matthew Mulheran 

Pyrotechnics & Effects Producer:

Ben Fenwick 

Flames & Pyrotechnics:

All Fired Up Fireworks & StageFX 


AU Music Productions


Fraser Dunne and Lucas Englund 


Gold Coast Studio 


Allan Hardy, Bella Hardy

Post Production Producer:

Camille Cannings 

Post Production Director/Edit:

Jimmi Fenton

Assistant Edit:

Matt Rebgetz 

Sound Design:

Damon Sheridan 

Additional Sound Design:

Folklore Sound 

VFX & Colour Supervisor:

Joe Lancaster


Sam McCarthy
VFX Bedroom Scene

Lead 3D Artist:

Tim Bahrij

VFX Artists:

Joe Lancaster, Thomas Scott, May Ringdahl, Garth O’Bryan, TFocus
Wormhole Scene
Synctum Creative

VFX Producer:

Jonny Morfoulis

VFX Artist/3D Generalist:

Declan Kindness

Keying Artist:

Jarrett Piggott

Paint & Roto Artist:

Munish Chandrapal, Rahul Gidd
Spikes & Liquid Sim Scene
Od Studios

VFX Supervisor:

Marc Horsfield

Executive Producer:

Jason Brewer


Salah Hussein

VFX Production Assistant:

Sanjay Aujila
Tarworld Scene

VFX Artist:

Raoul Teague

Band Members:

Winston McCall
Jeff Ling
Ben Gordon
Luke Kilpatrick
Jia O’Conner
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