6 Festivals: Feature Film

Release Date: Coming 2022

Theatrical Release: Bonsai Films

Platform: Paramount+

Writer / Director: Macario De Souza

Producers: Michael Wrenn, Shannon Wilson-McClinton, Jade Van Der Lei & Macario De Souza

Executive Producer: Mark Fennessy

Production: Hype Republic, Superlative Pictures, Invisible Republic, Helium Pictures

Partners: Screen Australia, Screen QLD, Screen Canberra, Screen NSW, Sony Music Australia


6 Festivals is the creation of award-winning director-producer Macario De Souza (Bra Boys, Fighting Fear, Poo Bear: Afraid of Forever), aka recording artist Kid Mac.

axie, Summer and James are three mid teen best friends whose friendship has been brought up short by the diagnosis James has some form of cancer. We meet them at a raving music festival in the immediate aftermath of this deadly bombshell to find out this is the first of many festivals they plan to escape to deny or keep at bay the reality they must ultimately face.

And here they meet Marley an aspiring and up-and-coming musician getting her first festival gig after years of slog busking and sending out YouTube videos and mixtapes. Marley, a few years older but from the same South Sydney beach culture, sees herself in these lost grommets and pulls them under her wing particularly bonding with Summer who she can see is struggling to know how to deal with the upcoming loss of James and her own changing relationship and attraction to Maxie, a boy she has thought of as family and a buddy for most of her life.

Ignorant of the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance – over the course of the 6 music festivals that frame the film Maxie and Summer will learn to accept the loss of James and Marley’s own rise to the main stage will provide the positive anchor for them to relaunch their lives.

Told only through the prism of the 6 music festivals that frame the film 6 Festivals will give audiences a window into the back stage, behind the scenes and full-on mosh pit mud field mayhem of every teenager’s rights of passage and coming of age.

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