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Milly Mackay

Content Creator

In the relentless pursuit of perfection, Milly is consistently pushing the boundaries of her craft to forge videos adorned with a futuristic flair. She is best described as a modern-day storyteller, seamlessly blending imagination and innovation to craft visual masterpieces.
As a true visionary, Milly’s gentle demeanor and unassuming charisma have been instrumental in garnering the favor of renowned Australian fashion brands. Milly consistently redefined the boundaries of fashion videography, breathing life into garments and fashion concepts in a way that is truly remarkable.
Milly’s undertakings have taken her on a multitude of international journeys , expanding her creative footprint across the globe.
Recent clients include Saski Collection, Lorna Jane, Victoria Burns and Mili Piñeiro.

Ebony let

Saski Collection

Mili Pineiro in New York City

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Lorna Jane

Cendre Co

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